Executive Summary

What we are doing: Friends of DNE, LLC (FDNE) has been created to establish a business-like basis for a long-term educational center, focused on community, dance and the arts, as a social, environmental and health benefit. The purchase of a property in Western Massachusetts, Camp Timber Trails (CTT), 417 acres with a 16 acre private pond, and a host of buildings for $1.3 million, is the immediate objective of FDNE. The development of a vital and sustainable program of rentals, compatible businesses and events is FDNE’s goal. Read More…


We are in the process of finalizing a set of financial projects for our Business Plan.  We are waiting for some pertinent information from a solar vendor who plans to install a solar system at the camp.  Once we get this updated information, we will publish a series of financial projects here.  Please check back, or sign up for the update email group.  Thank you.