Q-Has FDNE hired a Project Manager?

A-Not yet. On a recent call, we discussed the need to soon identify someone “who’ll become the father or mother of the project, manage the camp, and make it happen.” If no one steps up soon we may well need an interim person as Project Manager.


Q-Is there a person who is skilled in tracking and shepherding all the pieces?

A-Blake and Davio, as General Managers of the LLC, come close to being the Project Managers, with serious input and cooperation from Aileen, Lisa T, Paul F and Paul S, Danny Trenner, and many others who step forward on a piece of what’s needed from time to time.


Gene Broadway facilitates and manages the conference meetings. Myla has done a lot of basic admin but must turn to setting up camp for DNE.


Q-Is  there money allocated for the necessary administrative and technical support for this project?

A-The website has been allocated money and Nur Habib was hired. This was one of the major hurdles to get information out and available to the community.


Q-Why hasn’t the entire DNE community been called in to financially contribute to this project?

A-It’s really complicated! Because DNE is a 501(c)3 non-profit, there are restrictions in investing, solicitation, ownership, and more. The legal firm Cutting Edge Capital is now shepherding the progress to be allowing the communication to the entire DNE community.

Q-Are there ways I can get more information? Or: How can I get in on this?

A-Yes! Sign up for the email group for updates, or better yet, jump in and be a part of the team to turn this dream into a reality; contact friendsofdnellc@gmail.com to get on the team!


Q-Who will be making the decisions?

A-The Member Board will be elected by the members of the LLC. There are two Managers, currently Blake Holden and Davio Danielson.  Please see the Executive Summary for more details.


Q-Will this be a consensus-run business?

A-In short, no. All views and opinions of members of the LLC are valued and considered. The business model needs to be able to make decisions quickly, and consensus is a process that takes time. Please see the Executive Summary for more details.