The Friends of DNE, LLC
is a Limited Liability Company (LLC) created by a group of Dance New England (DNE) community members and leaders, and like-minded friends, who intend to purchase Camp Timber Trails (CTT) in Tolland, Massachusetts.

Friends of DNE’s (FDNE) purpose is to secure title to CTT and to create and organize a financially successful camp. FDNE recognizes the importance of a physical ‘homeplace’ to sustain the DNE legacy, including the founding, subsequent, and future generations of DNE participants. Other compatible organizations that seek to be a force for social change in the world through dance and community will be needed to sustain the site. It is possible that CTT may eventually be transferred to Dance New England and/or other collective chosen partner(s) if any, by whatever means are then most appropriate.

Friends of DNE’s (FDNE) organization as an LLC was done quickly to make a timely offer on CTT. Davio Danielson and Blake Holden were the founding members and the Operating Agreement restricts the possible activities to buying CTT and directly related issues. LLC’s established in Massachusetts, as this one was, are very flexible structures with limited reporting and recordkeeping requirements. The LLC’s attorney is T. Wilson (“Will”) Flanders, based in Shelburne Falls, MA. Will maintains an escrow account through which investments in the project can be made and tracked.

Friends of DNE, LLC officers and members are listed below with brief biographical information (in progress). Governance and structure is currently under review by a law firm that specializes in community-based investments of this sort. The size of individual investments made in the project will be reflected in proportional control of the LLC. Giving a reasonable voice to DNE without compromising its tax-exempt status or complicating the LLC’s business decisions unduly is also under legal study.


Friends of DNE, LLC:

  • Blake Holden
  • Davio A. Danielson
  • Alida Engel and Eugene Burger
  • Amy Verabay,
  • Beth Dennison
  • Carrie Harrington,
  • Daniel N. Orlansky
  • Daniel Trenner
  • Gary Einsidler
  • Heidi McClure
  • Ilonka Wloch
  • Jade Barker
  • Jason M. Cohen
  • Jeffrey Mazur & Jackie Rosenbloom
  • Lincoln Gamble
  • Margaret Flinter & Paul Freundlich
  • Paul E. Shumsky and Penny Field
  • Paul Spielman and Lisa Kennedy
  • Phoenix and Judalon Wyatt
  • Rhonda Kaplan
  • Ronald Halbright
  • Ruth J. Oland
  • Sarah Carr
  • Siiri Lane,
  • Steve Robins and Linda Y Schiller


Supporters of FDNE:

Myla Green, Gene Broadway, Charlie Heath, Joann Lutz, Aileen GP, Jeff Jason, David Aitcheson, David Allen, Cynce Frantz, Alex Porter, Kevin Benjamin, David Sharpe, Daron Massey, Rayellen Kishbach, and many more! (Please accept any apologies for missing names of those supporting this effort.)

Mission Statement

The 410-acre camp, 16-acre lake, and 40 buildings at Camp Timber Trails has a rich history and will certainly have a flourishing future. What will happen there is exciting to contemplate and dream about.

The Girls Scouts only put the camp on the market in late December of 2016. Since then, over 100 people have been involved. Over a dozen have been actively engaged in drafting a Mission Statement. While the statement that is finally adopted will reflect many of the following insights the exact wording will be decided by the people who help to buy CTT, make investments and step forward into leadership positions.

Mission Statement Drafts:

Short Versions

To provide a Camp, Conference and Retreat Center in Tolland, Mass. that supports and advances community through the inspiration of the arts and the environment.

To provide a rural retreat, conference center and camp that supports and inspires dance, diversity and community within a cooperative and sustainable framework

To provide a Camp, Conference and Retreat Center that supports and advances community, movements in justice, diversity, youth, and leadership; a home place for conscious living, dance and camp, through the inspiration of the arts and the gifts of the environment.

Moderate and Longer Versions

To provide a sustainable Camp, Conference, and Retreat Center, protect the forest, lake, and natural environment, while creating a community atmosphere for lifelong learning, personal growth, sports, arts and spirituality, and an outstanding facility for outdoor recreation, family camping, dance and music events, conferences, retreats, and group gatherings.

To provide a Camp, Community and Retreat Center, for creating the world in which we would like to live, through dance, celebration, justice, and diversity–a place where we help children thrive, respect the rights of nature, and encourage all to  participate in leadership. We treat this place, it’s participants, and the land as a gift.

Note: Left out so far from the Mission Statement drafts are concerns about running a successful business at CTT that services the LLC’s debts, maintains the environment and facilities, improves the infrastructure, and provides some return on investment for those who contribute to purchasing CTT from the Girl Scouts.